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Creative World Art School is a non-profit organization in Arcadia, CA focusing on arts education. We offer weekend fine arts classes, an after-school program, summer art camps, birthday art workshops, and more.

Writing & Words

Cloudtropolis / Undertropolis

Creative World Art School

For this semester's Metropolis theme, Ms. Rosaline's Creative Writing classes have been creating some imaginary cities of their own. Each class created their own city, imagined themselves as a character in that city, and wrote a biography for that character. Some citizens created include a mayor, a principal, a thunder maker, a sky healer, a town zombie, a metalsmith, and a cotton candy farmer. Then, as group, each class wrote an origin story for their world. Read their stories below!

The Battle for Cloudtropolis

A thousand years ago, there was a magical mountain called Evap Mountain. One evening, a light snowstorm started to fall. The snow that fell on Evap Mountain then evaporated and  mysteriously formed into a cloudland in the sky. A few days later, snow fell on Evap mountain again, but this time it was a heavy snow. When the snow evaporated, the heavy snow couldn’t make it all the way up to the sky. Instead cloud people were formed who floated up onto the new cloudland.

When the earth people noticed they became jealous of the new land and planned a attack to take over the new land. They battled for five long, hard, ugly months. The victors of the fight emerged as the cloud people. The defeated people were forced to live underground as an eternal punishment and the cloud people decided to name their new land Cloudtropolis.

The Legend of Undertropolis

9,999 years ago a god named Titanus was banished to a red, dusty, desperate planet. He was the only one there. Because he was so lonely, his sad emotions and angry emotions collide together and gave him the urge to smash something with his rage. His rage caused his hands to become enormous and hard as diamond and he smashed them into the earth, forming a crack all the way to the planet’s core. The impact of his fist caused an explosion underground which carved out a cavernous space.

Then he realized that he could create people out of clay and create his own city in the space. The clay people came alive and decided they needed a ruler. There was one Under Citizen who was the nicest, most noble, and fair of them all so they chose her as Queen. Her name was Queen Shadow Under  and she controlled the creation of Undertroplis.

The god realized Undertroplis was already independent so he left to another planet.