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Creative World Art School is a non-profit organization in Arcadia, CA focusing on arts education. We offer weekend fine arts classes, an after-school program, summer art camps, birthday art workshops, and more.

Writing & Words

"The Legend of Dragon Ice Cream" & "The Reflective Castle"

Creative World Art School

Ms. Rosaline's 3-5 grade writing class worked on making their own scrolls inscribed with castle lore! Check out these two examples from Eugene and Sophie:

The Legend of Dragon Ice Cream
By Eugene
Long time ago...there was a castle on an Island. IN the castle lived a powerful king, wizard, priest, blacksmith, and an army. One day, the wizard accidentally made a dragon that breathed fire, lightning, ice, and rocks. The dragon had four heads. The army tried to kill the dragon but the dragon kicked the army's butt. Then the wizard made a laser to melt the dragon. After they melted the dragon they had dragon ice cream. That's why the castle is named Dragon Ice Cream.

The Reflective Castle
By Sophie
King K and the Queen Q are the king and queen of the Reflective Castle. They both rode on male unicorns. But on the other side there were huns and vampires. And their pets were hun horses and vampire bats. The huns and vampires were angered because the king and queen were ruling the entire universe. Then the huns and vampires took 24 hours to get tho the Reflective Castle because their pets were always drinking from their home lake. Then finally they arrived at the Reflective Castle. They went through the Crocodile Gate. When they were inside the Reflective Castle the knights were all sleeping in baby bedrooms. So there were no knights protecting the Reflective Castle. They thought it was easy to go up the steps but it wasn't because there were 1,000,000 steps to get to the throne room. But then one of the knights woke up and put a note on the 100th step. They finally to to the 100th step but still there was more to go. They found the note and it said...If you go to the throne room then there will be aggressive knights protecting the king and queen. Uh Oh!!! The huns and vampires were frightened so they changed their minds. The huns and vampires were just giving flowers for the king and queen's wedding anniversary instead. They're going to live in the bloody room because they eat blood.