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Creative World Art School is a non-profit organization in Arcadia, CA focusing on arts education. We offer weekend fine arts classes, an after-school program, summer art camps, birthday art workshops, and more.

Arts Program

Back to Earth!

Creative World Art School

CW Session I "Space, the Final Frontier"

CW Session I "Space, the Final Frontier"

We had an art show to showcase the work of our Arts Program Students! There were new planets, aliens, asteroids, spaceships, rockets, and astronauts everywhere - at least all over the walls! 

Some mediums/assignments students worked on in Session 1

  • Rocket Ship Dioramas: Students used both 3D and 2D elements to create a diorama where they are flying through space. This lesson helps students understand visual arts in different spatial modes while improving their motor skills.
  • Drawing: Students drew their own solar systems using pastel
  • Painting Landscapes: Landscapes are par for the course, but they get much more interesting when they're set in outer space.
  • Little Aliens: Students sculpted their own little aliens from a paste and decorated them.
  • Printmaking: Students use new techniques and explore the different ways prints can be made. They carved into Styrofoam and made their own designs. 
  • Bookmaking: Students are introduced into making their own books, that includes providing the visual and textual content as well.
  • Mobile Making: Students made their own mobiles using recycled materials.

It was such a blast in Space but now its time to float back down to Earth for our next session "Castles and Creatures"!