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Creative World Art School is a non-profit organization in Arcadia, CA focusing on arts education. We offer weekend fine arts classes, an after-school program, summer art camps, birthday art workshops, and more.

Arts Program


Creative World Art School

Ms. Rosaline's Art Class 

Ms. Rosaline's Art Class 

Every quarter we change the theme of our classes and we're kicking off this school year with the theme Metropolis! This theme is used to ground art projects and other enrichment courses in our After School and Saturday Art Programs. 

Metropolis comes from the Greek Words mḗtēr (mother) and pólis (city) and used to mean birth place. Now we use the word more generally. Metropolis has very imaginative and futuristic connotations in cinema, literature, and art. 

We're glad to share the history and meaning of the concept with our students and to see how they expand and redefine it!


Creative World Art School

7-9 year old students in Ms. Rosie's class made visual representations of their thoughts! Students worked individually using watercolor, paper cut-outs, yarn, tape, cotton, pencils, and colored pencils to express their inner thoughts. In this project daydreaming and creativity are encouraged in our students because we believe that creativity applies to all sectors of life. We want our students to understand their individual creative process so they can use it as a analytical, personal, social, artistic, and problem-solving tool!

You can read more about the benefits of daydreaming here!

Things That Grow

Creative World Art School

Food chain cut-outs

Ms. Rosie's class made cut outs of various animals as a fun way to visualize the food chain.  Students improve their mobile skills while learning about shapes, dimensions and colors!


Students also learned the basics of printmaking. Everyone made butterfly prints and they incorporated other animals into their designs.

Caves and Egg Project

Students created their own cave structures with cardboard, glue, and paint. Then they made tissue paper eggs that they broke open to reveal tiny growing creatures.

Castles & Creatures!

Creative World Art School

Just a sample of all the wonderful projects from our Castles & Creatures Arts Program session!

Students built their own castles, painted backdrops, made shields, dragons and knights!

In Ms. Rosie and Ms. Renee's class students used various mediums to channel a world of fairy tales and lore! Painting, sculpting, drawing, designing were all introduced to our students as they tapped into their imaginations.

Back to Earth!

Creative World Art School

CW Session I "Space, the Final Frontier"

CW Session I "Space, the Final Frontier"

We had an art show to showcase the work of our Arts Program Students! There were new planets, aliens, asteroids, spaceships, rockets, and astronauts everywhere - at least all over the walls! 

Some mediums/assignments students worked on in Session 1

  • Rocket Ship Dioramas: Students used both 3D and 2D elements to create a diorama where they are flying through space. This lesson helps students understand visual arts in different spatial modes while improving their motor skills.
  • Drawing: Students drew their own solar systems using pastel
  • Painting Landscapes: Landscapes are par for the course, but they get much more interesting when they're set in outer space.
  • Little Aliens: Students sculpted their own little aliens from a paste and decorated them.
  • Printmaking: Students use new techniques and explore the different ways prints can be made. They carved into Styrofoam and made their own designs. 
  • Bookmaking: Students are introduced into making their own books, that includes providing the visual and textual content as well.
  • Mobile Making: Students made their own mobiles using recycled materials.

It was such a blast in Space but now its time to float back down to Earth for our next session "Castles and Creatures"!

Welcome to Space!

Creative World Art School

September 25th and 26th Art Program Projects

September 25th and 26th Art Program Projects

This fall our students in the Arts Program are exploring visual arts through the theme Space, the Final Frontier. Our teachers are using this theme to incorporate concepts of spatial distance, 2D and 3D artistic techniques, as well as some astronomy facts.

Student's are having a blast so far and we're impressed with their creations.