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Creative World Art School is a non-profit organization in Arcadia, CA focusing on arts education. We offer weekend fine arts classes, an after-school program, summer art camps, birthday art workshops, and more.

Architecture & Design

Clay Building Ornaments

Creative World Art School

Ms. Shannon's Architecture & Design Class (3rd-5th grade)

Ms. Shannon's Architecture & Design Class (3rd-5th grade)

These delicately crafted clay ornaments capture our student's personality in the form of homes. Students carved designs of windows, doors, tiles and more and painted every detail on their own. 

Getting Perspective

Creative World Art School

Ms. Rosie's K-2nd grade class. Iris (top) Matthew (left) Nana (right)

Perspective is a key element to design! K-2nd grade students learned about one point perspective. They created a horizon and grid that maps itself towards the vanishing point. Learning about perspective has many practical applications: game design, fine art, graphic design, architecture, engineering, editing, visual effects etc. 

Most K-2nd grade students do not get introduced to this concept but if students strengthen their spacial understanding it can help them sharpen many analytic and creative skills!

Architecture of the Future!

Creative World Art School

Ms. Shannon's Architecture & Design Class (3rd-5th grade)

Ms. Shannon's Architecture & Design Class (3rd-5th grade)

When we think of architecture we think of buildings that capture the imagination! The Taj Mahal, St. Basil's Cathedral, Gaudi and Frank Ghery's designs! 

Students were shown unique, wild buildings and encouraged to create their own conceptual sketches. They worked with Sharpies to create high contrast, graphic building designs and then created a background space after to place their building. We're so impressed with their animated bear buildings, traditional Victorian, psychedelic boat house and more!

Can't wait to see the next wave of architecture out in the world!  

skyline mural!

Creative World Art School


Ms. Shannon's Architecture and Design class (grades 3-5) created an electrical tape mural at our school in two hours! 

Students designed their own buildings and then they were put together in an imaginary city. Then everyone worked collectively to create the tape mural. 

All this project required was creativity, collaboration, and tape! We're so proud to see our students create such fun vibrant illustrations while learning how to work as a team!